It’s a great time for portraits . . .

I’ve had a ton of fun doing family, senior, and wedding portraits in Twin the past couple of years.
If you are thinking of doing family portraits as Christmas gifts (or for Christmas cards), you might like to know that I’m giving 10% off sitting fees and print prices this month. ‘Tis a good time to get ‘em done because of the cooler evenings, the upcoming fall colors, and the fact that everyone’s pretty much done traveling for the summer, etc. Mention this posting to get the 10% off.

The 10% applies to senior portraits too.

Quick tip . . .

A couple of years ago (three maybe) when Google was getting big, they purchased a little company called Picasa and incorporated the Picasa photo management tools into their ever growing body of free apps. Picasa 3 is now in beta and it is looking pretty sweet. It seems to be a bit of a resource hog yet, so you may want to go for Picasa 2 (which is mature and stable) if your computer is a little older and a little arthritic. Try one of them out today. You’ll be glad you did.

My photo in the Times-News

I posted a while back about one of my photographs winning first place in the local paper’s summer photo contest. It was published this last Sunday. The photo itself is kind of hard to see on the site, so I’ve included it here too.

Cub Scout Family Pack Meeting

Cub Scout Family Pack Meeting